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Hey, Stacy here 

Beauty Entrepreneur, educator and straight shootin’, no bullshitting question asker.

I help successful beauty professionals reach deeper levels of success – success that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside.


By making like Bob Barker and asking the right questions.

I’ve always been good at asking questions. But after 20 years in the chair listening to clients spill their guts, I honed my talent for listening into a skill of transformation.

Using proven assessment methods and backed by the International Coaching Federation, I now help my clients identify their old patterns and secret limits as easily as spotting a box color job from across the room.

My first question for you: Are you success-curious?

Whatever is meant for you will find you

From Corporate Burn Out to The Right Direction

I retired my nail files and polish racks for a 401k and medical benefits after 20 years. Yep, I went corporate. Things like paid time off and airline miles sounded great after years of taking Wednesday-Wednesday vacations so I could cram in 16 clients on either end.

Like most things that look good from the outside, it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. I was 75% on the road, corporate politics were a DRAG 🤢 and my social life almost disappeared.

I craved that deep connection I used to have with clients, minus the tennis elbow. I ended up in life coach school while employed full-time.

It woke something in my soul.

I wrote down a simple vision for the future I truly wanted and then fell back into the corporate grind. Life happens, right?

Even after ignoring my desires to support high achievers 1-on-1 for over a year, it unfolded perfectly.

My job gave me more opportunities to work on my own patterns. I met my first clients through my day job. And now get to remind people how much they’re capable of every day. #thankscorona

My story is living proof that whatever is meant for you will always find you.

What you desire is waiting for you.

Are you willing to look at the old thought patterns that stand between you and those desires?

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2 best friends smile in a restaurant booth wearing Denver Broncos t-shirts

"Stacy is as genuine and caring as they come. She truly listens from her heart yet gives logical answers to help guide you towards success. She creates self awareness through her program, giving leaders their own kind of mentorship that is often lacking when you are in that kind of position. She's making the world a better place and we need more of her in it!"


"Stacy makes you feel at ease the moment you start talking. I immediately knew I could trust her with all my messy thoughts, without judgment. Her insights are thoughtful and gentle, and she doesn't mince her words. An effective balance."


"Stacy has been a constant in my life as an excellent question asker, why finder and woman who fears less. I recommend her all day, every day to help you in all situations to draw conclusions in a healthy, coaching way. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"


"Stacy has an easy approach and the knowledge she gave me was AMAZING 💜"


(Consciously) Choose Your Own Adventure

The relationship between a coach and client is a privileged one. As we begin a coaching relationship, we’ll work together to design a set of objectives that will help you achieve your goals. Because of this, your coaching experience will be customized for you individual needs.


My commitment to you

  • Keep all information from our work together strictly confidential. I abide by the code of ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).
  • Coach you as a whole person. As we dig into your stated objectives, we may address other areas as we work together. If we move away from the original goals, I will always ask your permission before shifting directions.
  • Be totally present. During our sessions, you get my full attention.
  • Be straightforward when I ask questions, make requests and offer insights for your consideration. Disclaimer: Sometimes I swear a little.

I am:

  • An advocate for your greatest potential
  • A badass fantasy footballer
  • Totally fine with cussing

I am not:

  • A therapist
  • Going to beat around the bush
  • A magic pill to your problems

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