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Find A Why

Ask better questions. Get better answers.

Do you ever ask yourself, “Why?”

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • Why can’t I say no?
  • Why can’t I set boundaries?
  • Why can’t I find a purpose?
  • Why can’t I have meaningful relationships?

And for my beauty professionals out there:

  • Why can’t I raise my prices?
  • Why can’t I cut those clients?
  • Why can’t I sell retail?
  • Why can’t I make more money?

The answer to all of these questions – and the antidote – can be found in your thoughts and patterns.

When you start to question your patterns and observe your thoughts, you’re able to consciously make different choices.

But it’s not always easy to see your own patterns. It’s not your fault – they wouldn’t be patterns if they were easy to see.

If you’re curious to see what else is possible in your life –

whether it’s changing something you’re dissatisfied with right now or

finally turning a dream into a reality,

a coaching relationship can help you get there.

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How Do We Work Together?

How do coaching sessions work?

All my coaching relationships start with an Energy Leadership Index assessment and a 90-minute debrief session. This assessment helps to establish a benchmark as you begin to observe and actively engage in your journey.

After your initial ELI debrief, you’re free to schedule coaching sessions at your discretion. During our confidential sessions, you’re free to talk about whatever you want. I will ask clarifying questions, provide accountability and offer insights as needed.

To get the most of our work together, you should focus on yourself, leverage your strengths and be prepared to face tough questions or hard truths.

How long should I be coached?

How long do you water a plant for it to keep growing? Seriously though, plan on committing to at least 10 sessions to give yourself time to recognize and shift your patterns and see the results you’re looking for. If you commit to one session a week, that’s just about 3 months.

Coaching isn’t a magic pill solution to the problems in your life currently. Because of this, its effects are longer lasting and feel better than any kind of quick fix could. Give yourself a chance to sow the seeds so you can reap the lifelong benefits.

How are you different from other coaches?

With 20+ years as a beauty entrepreneur, educator and trainer in my back pocket, I’ve seen, heard and experienced just about every iteration of modern human relationships to help you identify and shift your own behavioral patterns. I’m a member of the International Coaching Federation, the leading regulatory body of coaching, and certified in CORE Leadership Dynamics and Energy Leadership.

Who do you work with?

Often high achieving individuals, I help people who are burnt out on what success is supposed to look like. You may feel guilty for wanting more than what you have. You know you’re meant for more. You’re openminded, driven and willing to ask better questions to get it.

How can I tell it's working?

Like most things, success in coaching can be measures with external and internal milestones. External milestones could be hitting a revenue goal, firing a client or expressing a boundary with a loved one. Internail milestones could be a new perspective, a feeling of relief or a sustained sense of calm. We will track your wins throughout our work together.

What's the investment?

The investment for an ELI Assessment and Debrief, along with 9 coaching sessions is $2,300 through 2022. The investment for an ELI Assessment and Debrief, a powerful self awareness tool in itself, is $300 without coaching sessions.

I'm in. How do I get started?

Fill in the form below to book a discovery call and we’ll meet to talk about your goals, your secret limits and how you can overcome them to experience a deeper level of success. If it’s a good fit, we’ll enter into a formal agreement to ensure a supportive relationship.

Our first session will debrief your Energy Leadership Index, which helps to establish a benchmark as you observe and actively engage in your coaching journey.

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